Finding the Right Gazebo Design For You

If you are looking to add a touch of class and function to your backyard or garden, a gazebo is the way to go. With the right gazebo design, you can impress your friends and neighbors. Gazebos have served both functional and stylistic purposes in gardens and parks for a number of years. A traditionally designed gazebo can evoke thoughts of strolling through an English garden while modern gazebo designs can provide shelter from the sun while giving your outdoor space a sheik look.

Gazebos are available in a number of styles and designs that can transform your backyard and provide a focal point to all of your landscaping projects. Gazebos can be used as seating areas, dining areas or as a place to just relax and find shelter from the rain or sun.

Gazebo Design Basics

The name “gazebo” refers to many different types of structures that have come a long way from the traditional octagonal wooden structures found in European gardens in Victorian times. A gazebo can be a portable, pop-up structure that is primarily used for shade or a permanent structure that is used for entertaining.

Classic gazebo designs were made to rest on a raised foundation and usually had structural posts and handrails bordering the floor. The roofs were designed to protect from rain and often had shingles just like a house would. Modern gazebos are sometimes just frames that support canvas or another material that provides shade or protection from the rain. Popular gazebo designs include traditional wooden structures, modern minimal designs, and island or Tiki Hut styled gazebos.

Gazebo Design Options

There are number of gazebo design options that range from the traditional octagonal, wooden gazebos that are have been in use for centuries, to modern designs that are available in numerous shapes and built with numerous materials. Gazebos can be the focal point of your garden and be surrounded with colorful flowers and plants, or a gazebo can be located next to your pool to provide easily accessible shade during the hottest times of the day.

If you are in search of a traditionally styled gazebo, there are numerous hand-built wooden designs available as well as gazebo designs that look traditional, yet are made from more modern materials. Wooden gazebos are traditionally built from oak and other hardwoods, but in recent years, bamboo has become more popular due to the fact that it is a renewable and environmentally friendly building material.

Modern gazebo designs have moved away from the traditional octagonal shapes and are now built with a number of different materials. Modern gazebos use materials such as canvas, aluminum, bamboo, and recycled plastic in their construction. While traditional looking gazebos are sought after for their classic looks and for the decor aspect that they provide to an outdoor space, modern gazebos serve a more functional purpose of providing shelter from rain and sun.

As you can see, there are a number of gazebo designs available. Whether you are looking for a classic gazebo that will add a touch of class to your garden or you are looking for a simple structure to provide shelter from the elements, there is a gazebo design for you.

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