Improve the Overall Look of Your Yard With Gates Design

After you have spent countless hours on the landscape planning of your outdoor space and tending to your beautiful garden the last thing you want is the wrong gate design to draw attention away from your hard work. Fencing is an important part of your backyard and just as you have made sure to consider the style and function of your fence you should do the same for your gates. Your gates will be used numerous times and are often the first thing that someone sees when they enter your garden. Although you may not realize it, a gates design has numerous options and can showcase many custom style choices.

Gates Design Basics

It is important for your gates design to match that of your fence, typically it should be constructed using the same type of wood that your fence was constructed with. While it is important to match the construction material of your gate and fence, the gate can be customized in a number of other ways.

The gate is the entry and exit point of your backyard or garden, and will also be the space utilized for moving any tools or landscaping equipment to and from your backyard. Remember this fact when deciding the size of the gate. Your gate can be constructed as a single door gate or as a double door gate that can provide more open space. Be sure to incorporate your needs into the design of the gate.

The gates design should be built strong to handle the constant traffic coming through. It is important that the gate’s supporting posts be buried deep in order to prevent them from coming loose or being pulled out of the soil. While two posts are usually used for the gate support, it is a good idea to have additional support posts to take the abuse of continual use.

The type of hinge you use is another important factor in the design of your gate. If you will be moving tools and equipment through, consider installing a hinge that will allow you to prop the gate open. If you have pets that you are trying to keep in your yard, use a spring loaded hinge that will ensure your gate is closed at all times.

Customizing Your Gates Design

There are a number of styles you could incorporate into your gates design to give it a unique look. It is important to remember that your gate can be seen from the outside of your yard and is sometimes the first look into the design of your backyard.

Depending on your needs, your gate can be either a short garden style gate or a tall functional gate that will keep pets from jumping over the fence. Garden gates can be designed with a number of attractive woodcuts and patterns that will highlight the style of your outdoor space.

The panels of your gate can be customized in just about any way that you can think of. Some of the most common gates design cuts include some of the most basic shapes, e.g. a flat top, a sloped cut or a peaked cut.

The most important part of gates design is accommodating your needs. Be sure to choose a design that suits both your style and functional desires.

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