Choose the Right Fence Design For Your Yard

Fence design can often be one aspect of your outdoor space that is overlooked, when in fact, there are many fencing style and function options to choose from.

Although fences are usually seen simply as dividers, they can be so much more. A unique fence design can add additional personalization to your garden or backyard and compliment the other design factors that you have in the area. A fence can have a number of different function options as well.

The height and strength of your fence will depend on factors such as: if you have pets you are trying to keep in your yard or if you are trying to create privacy and keep others from seeing into your personal space.

Functional Fence Design Options

The first step in fence design is considering your needs. Why do you want to install a fence? Are you trying to keep your pets contained? Or are you trying to keep others from seeing into your yard? Maybe you are trying to keep wild animals from coming into your backyard or garden. Whatever the case is, your fencing needs will establish the style of fence to choose.

If you are trying to contain a dog in your yard, it is important to choose a fence design that is high enough so that your pooch will be unable to leap over it. Some fences are built to keep deer from leaping into a yard, destroying gardens and endangering themselves. If keeping deer out of your yard is a concern, be sure to build a fence that is about 8 feet high as deer have been known to clear fences that are 6 and 7 feet high.

There is an old adage that says, “good fences make good neighbors,” and this is true for everyone living in close or suburban settings. Privacy fence designs can not only give you some personal space but also keep unpleasant sights and sounds from your yard. If you are building a fence for privacy, it is important to use a material such as lumber or vinyl that doesn’t leave open gaps.

Fence Design Style Options

While function is a very important factor in fence design, you want to be sure to consider the look of your fence as well. There are a number of fence construction materials available. Fences are often built with wood, aluminum, vinyl and wrought iron. Each construction material offers its own advantages and disadvantages so it is important to consider your needs when choosing a material.

For wooden fence design, the basic components are posts, which are dug into the ground for support, rails, which run horizontally to connect the posts and panels, which fill the gaps and provide a solid construction. Wood fences give your outdoor space a rustic feel and a vast number of style options, such as cut wood designs can be implemented to give your fence an interesting look.
Vinyl fences are becoming more popular due to their low maintenance and durability. Vinyl is available in a number of fence designs and colors to give your space a personal look and feel. The material can withstand tough winters and will not need to be repainted like some other fence materials.

Wrought iron and aluminum fences are both very ornamental and look great in classic gardens and yards. However, these types of fences do not provide privacy as the panels generally leave open gaps.

Whichever type of fence design you choose, remember to consider both your style and function needs.

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