Upgrade Your Backyard With a New Deck Design

Discovering the proper deck design for your backyard can bring new life to your outdoor space and create an extended living area that can be used for socializing, grilling and many other activities. There are a number of designs and styles available to fit your personal needs and backyard décor.

The traditional material used for decking is treated lumber, however, a number of other materials such as Cedar, IPE wood, recycled plastic, and composite material are also used for deck building. You can customize the look of your deck by choosing a unique decking pattern or by creating an original deck design for your backyard. However a deck looks, they are the perfect addition for entertaining friends and spending more time outside.

Deck Design Basics

The first step to having a completed deck in your garden is to plan where your deck is going to be built. Decks are usually attached to the house and serve as an extension of your indoor space. You will want the door that is the main access point between your home and backyard to open onto the deck as it will serve as the buffer zone between the outdoor and indoor spaces. There are a number of options when considering the shape of your deck, however, it looks best if the deck design compliments the architectural lines and style of your home.

Size is another important factor in deck design. You should plan to build a deck that compliments your outdoor space instead of completely engulfing the entire area. You don’t want your deck to be too small and therefore, not functional, but you should refrain from a deck that minimizes your natural spaces.

You will also want to choose the correct building material for your deck. As previously mentioned there are a number of materials available and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Using treated lumber gives your deck a natural look that will compliment your outdoor space. The recycled building materials available for deck design are environmentally friendly and the aluminum decking material that is available is durable and strong.

Additional Deck Design Options

After you have decided on the basic design of your deck, remember that there are a few more options to consider. Deck design includes the option of various decking patterns that are available. Decking patterns can add a sense of style or a unique flair to your deck. A decking pattern refers to the way that the deck planks are laid upon the decking frame. The options include the standard horizontal design, a diagonal lay, a brick pattern, a chevron pattern or a picture frame pattern.

Another deck design option is the addition of a handrail. Depending on the height that your deck is elevated off of the ground this can be an important safety feature. While some prefer their deck to have an open plan, adding a handrail can close in the space of the deck and add a division between the deck and the backyard area.

As you can see, there are a number of options and considerations when it comes to deck design. With the right planning you can enjoy your own deck that will provide an area for entertaining, seating, grilling and many other activities.

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