Give Your Garden a Natural Look With River Rock Landscaping

River rock landscaping can transform your outdoor area into a natural space and give it a unique and beautiful look. River rocks can come in numerous shapes and sizes, from tiny stones to hundred pound behemoths. A river rock can be identified by its round and smoothed edges that are a result of the erosion that comes from being carried in a river’s current. The smooth stones are naturally found in riverbeds and along the banks of streams after being deposited there. River rocks are very versatile and can be used in a number of ways to enhance the look of your outdoor space.

Different Ways to Use River Rock Landscaping

Although river rocks all have the same qualities of being smooth and rounded, there are numerous types of the stone available. The size can vary greatly and obviously this will affect how the rocks are used in river rock landscaping. Smaller river rocks are generally used as fillers while larger stones can be used for numerous applications.

One way to use river rock landscaping to enhance your outdoor space is to build a streambed. Building a streambed will not only look great and add a natural water element to your yard, but it will also help with drainage by diverting the runoff in your backyard when there is heavy rainfall. The larger river rocks can be used to form the general shape and borders of the streambed while the smaller river rocks can fill in the spaces between borders and retain the look of a natural stream.

Small river rocks can also be used to add texture and depth to flowerbeds as they allow water to drain through them and, as such, will not deny the plants water. River rock landscaping sometimes uses large stones as decorative pieces, placing them in flowerbeds or other parts of your yard to give it a natural look.

River rocks are often used in various water installations and designs. In addition to constructing a stream or creek bed, you can use river rocks to line your pond or even to build a fountain. River rock landscaping can also include building a decorative waterfall because the smooth rounded stones look great in water settings.

River rocks are also commonly used to construct walking paths. When the smooth stones are used for any type of path construction, it is best that they are mortared into place because, unlike a flagstone, their shape is much more liable to move around if not set in mortar. When river rock landscaping is used to build any sort of walkway or patio, it creates a beautiful cobblestone look.

Due to their varying sizes and shapes, river rocks can serve a number of purposes in the design of your outdoor space. River rock landscaping will give your garden or patio a unique natural feel that can’t be replicated with other building materials. The round stones look great in any water settings and can also be the perfect complement to your flowerbed or garden. No matter what their use, the versatility and style of riverrocks makes them one of the best materials to use in landscaping.

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