Turn Your Yard Into a Natural Paradise With a Pond Waterfall

Pond waterfalls can be wonderful additions to your garden or outdoor spaces. Cascading water can add a more natural element to your pond and even bring a static backyard to life with the sound and movement of water. Let the soft sound of trickling water bring a calming hush over your garden as you relax and enjoy your natural space.

If you are interested in adding a pond waterfall to your garden design, remember that there are a few things to consider. If you already have a pond in your garden and are hoping to add a waterfall element to it, keep in mind that some planning and design are necessary for a successful build. It is important to consider correct sizing of the waterfall and the requirements for a pump. If you don’t already have a pond and would like to install a new pond with a waterfall, you have some design options to consider as well.

Pond Waterfalls: Proper Planning and Design

Now, I’m sure some of us would install a life-sized replica of Niagara Falls in our backyard if we had the chance, but remember that the size of your waterfall is going to be directly proportional to the size of your pond. Design a pond waterfall that is going to fit into your backyard, your budget and your maintenance and up-keep ability. Consider the cost in terms of the size of pump you will need (the more water in your pond, the higher power of your pump), the amount of building materials and the construction itself. As a guide, a pond that is 10ft x 16ft in size will perfectly accommodate a waterfall that is between 16 and 24 inches tall.

Now that we have decided the size of our pond and waterfalls, we should consider the construction materials and design. There are numerous creatively designed waterfalls out there, but if you are planning on building the structure yourself, it’s important to stay within your skill level. If you have decided to contract a builder for your pond waterfall, you will be able to discuss design with them.

There are two basic ways that pond waterfalls are constructed, the easiest way being to buy a fiberglass waterfall unit that is already designed and built for you. The other way is to purchase a liner and use rocks to design the waterfall. Once you have installed the liner and placed the rocks to your liking, you can secure them and seal the spaces beneath them to ensure that the water flows smoothly over the rocks.

As previously mentioned, the size and power of the pump that you need will be decided by the amount of water you are moving and the height from which the water will drop from your waterfall. It is best to consult with a pump supplier to find the correct size for your pond and waterfall. After selecting a pump, the final steps to complete your pond waterfall will be installing the pump, attaching the hoses and connecting the power supply.

Some Final Words

Although installing a pond waterfall may seem like a hefty task at first, with the help of professionals, you can have the joy of a water feature in your own backyard. Pond waterfalls are calming yet dramatic centerpieces and can transform any garden space. With the right planning and design you can transform your outdoor space into an idyllic nature scene.

Pond waterfalls can be a great addition to your backyard’s landscaping. Call M.E Landscaping today for a free consultation to learn more.