Connect Your Home and Backyard with a Flagstone Walkway

A flagstone walkway is the perfect way to direct the foot traffic through your backyard or garden. Flagstones are perfect for building a walkway due to the fact that they a usually quite flat, just the right thickness and they come in various sizes and shapes that can easily fit the design and layout of your walkway. Due to their natural cut and look, flagstones will give your garden or outdoor space an organic feel unlike a poured concrete or brick walkway. Remember that flagstone walkways are a wonderful addition to your outdoor space and serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Building a Flagstone Walkway

The first step in designing your own flagstone walkway is to consider the path that you want your walkway to take. Use rope or a hose to trace the basic outline and path that your walkway will take. It is important to remember that a walkway should be about 3’ across for one person to comfortably walk along the path. Once you have decided on the path that your walkway will take and its shape, mark the border by using a flat edged shovel and digging into the dirt along the lines of the rope or hose.

One you have a rough outline of your path, use your shovel to excavate the space that will be your flagstone walkway. You want to dig about three to four inches into the dirt, making sure to keep a uniform depth. It is important to remember that your flagstone path should be at a slightly higher level than the surrounding soil to prevent any flooding issues in the rainy season. Be sure to cut through any roots growing in the space where your walkway will be and if you encounter large tree roots, you can use a pair of loppers to cut through them. It is important to remember not to cut through a tree’s anchor roots as this can harm the tree.

After you have finished with the shovels, it is a good idea to line the sides with some sort of edging that will prevent the dirt from crumbling in. Once you have excavated your flagstone walkway area free of any dirt or roots, you should lay down a filter cloth that will hold the soil in place while continuing to allow drainage.

The next step is laying down the setting material. There are a number of options for your setting material, but anything similar to landscaping gravel or sand will work just fine for your flagstone walkway. Once you have filled your excavated area with the material, it is time to lay your flagstone. Think of the flagstone like puzzle pieces and do your best to fit the pieces together with the least amount of space between them. Remember that it is okay if the pieces don’t fit together perfectly. When you have laid all of your flagstone, fill in the joints by sweeping additional sand into the spaces. You may need to sweep in additional sand if flagstones become loose from excessive rain or use.

Now that you have an idea of how to construct your own flagstone walkway, you can design and build your own. These walkways are the perfect compliment to any garden or yard. Flagstone walkways maintain the natural look of your space and are both durable and low maintenance.

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