Upgrade Your Garden Design with Armor Stone Landscaping

Armor stone landscaping utilizes large, jaggedly cut stone, called armor (or armour) stone, to create a look of definition and beauty. Armor stones have been used for thousands of years to create solid and durable structures and were even the building material of choice for castles and manor houses in the Middle Ages. The stones are favored building materials due to their ability to withstand the elements, their impressive look and their many uses. Armor stone landscaping can give your garden or outdoor space a unique, natural look that will have others envious of your yard.

Using Armor Stone Landscaping in Your Garden

Armor stone can be used in a variety of ways that will enhance the look of your garden or outdoor space. Armor stones are commonly used for retaining walls, water fountains, walkways, flower beds and privacy walls. Armor stone landscaping can add to the natural look of your outdoor space while giving it a unique and original feel. These stones can be cut from numerous types of stone that have their own unique look and texture.

Another great thing about using armor stone landscaping is the fact that the stones look better as they start to become weathered. Armor stones are low maintenance, meaning that once they are set in place, you can just sit and enjoy their natural beauty. The solid construction of each stone means that you will not have to worry about any of the stones breaking or needing to be replaced. Each stone is unique from the next one, which keeps your garden from looking too manufactured and fake and maintains a natural look and feel in your garden.

Various uses for armor stones

  • Retaining Walls – Armor stones are perfect for building retaining walls. Their large size enables them to handle heavy loads of dirt and soil and they will hold even during periods of heavy rain or snow. The cut stones fit together quite nicely, keeping a tight hold that, with time, won’t become loose on any of your armor stone landscaping projects.
  • Walkways – Armor stones are also great for building stone walkways. Their large size means that they can be placed individually without having to be mortared together. Because of their strength and durability, they wont become cracked and broken from growing tree roots.
  • Water fountain – A popular choice for water fountain construction material is armor stone. The large stones create a durable and impressive fountain that looks more natural than prefabricated fountain units. Due to their large size, armor stones are also sometimes used to create natural looking stone benches or chairs. You can turn part of your retaining wall into a natural seating area while it still serves the functional purpose of holding back soil and dirt.
  • Flower Beds – Armor stones are perfect for flower beds because of their natural look and the way they retain the soil. More so, they blend beautifully with the plants and the shrubs in the flower bed.

Armor stone landscaping is a great way to revamp the look of your outdoor space. Their impressive, natural style can provide your patio or garden with a unique look while serving a functional purpose as well. Their durability and low maintenance qualities mean that you will be able to spend more time maintaining the rest of your garden while simply enjoying the look of your armor stone landscaping.

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