Get Cooking With an Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor fire pits have been part of every day human life since the beginning of time. Fire pits safely bring fire to your backyard or patio by containing the fire from spreading. There are a number of uses for outdoor fire pits, including cooking, staying warm or simply as the central gathering point of a party or barbeque. The flickering light of an outdoor fire pit provides the perfect atmosphere for a warm summers night with friends.

There are a variety of styles of outdoor fire pits available that can suit your needs perfectly. While the majority of fire pits are wood fueled, there are also gas burning fire pits available. Outdoor fire pits are available as portable units that can be moved from one side of your yard to the other or as permanent installations that are dug into the ground or fixed in stone or concrete.

Designing and Installing an Outdoor Fire Pit

It is important to think about which option will work best for you, whether it is a portable fire pit unit or a built-in unit. If you have multiple seating areas in your back yard, the best option might be to purchase one or even two portable units that can be moved depending on the area in which you will be sitting. If your patio or outdoor space is designed around one sitting area or focal point, a fixed place fire pit would be a suitable option.

Portable outdoor fire pits are usually made from a durable metal such as steel and some are even built from clay. Permanent installation fire pits are usually made from another fire resistant building material such as stone, clay or brick. If you are planning on building your own fixed place fire pit, consider incorporating the design or décor of your patio into the fire pit. If you have a brick patio or retaining wall, you can easily incorporate the same design into your fire pit and maintain a uniform style throughout your outdoor space.

Burning Fuels and Cooking

In general, outdoor fire pits are designed to be wood burning, however there are some advantages to having a gas or gel burning unit. Wood burning fire pits are great for cooking and for achieving that outdoor camping atmosphere with crackling wood and a light, natural fire. Some portable units of outdoor fire pits are propane fueled and therefore keep you from having to purchase and store wood for fuel. Gel fire pits are becoming more popular because they are clean burning and don’t create smoke or odor when burning.

With the addition of a grill top, your outdoor fire pit can be used just like a barbecue for cooking hotdogs, hamburgers or your favorite piece of meat. Many of the portable fire pits available include a grill top or one can be purchased to fit the unit. If you are designing and constructing your own outdoor fire pit, it is important to build it so a grill top can be easily fitted to meet your cooking needs.

As you can see, there are a number of different options to consider when purchasing or building your outdoor fire pit. Remember to choose a material and burning fuel that will best suit your needs and in no time, you will be enjoying the warmth and look of a fire in your very own backyard.

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