Enhance the Night-time Aesthetics and Security of your Garden With beautiful Landscape Lighting

With the proper landscape lighting, your garden could shine its brightest at night! During the warm summer months, you can enjoy your patio or yard well into the evening hours by utilizing an outdoor lighting system. Illuminating your property can also have the added value of security, doing away with dark shadows and corners that a potential intruder could possibly hide in. Use landscape lighting to illuminate a safe path from your garage or driveway to the front door of your house. Outdoor lighting can serve a number of purposes and depending on your outdoor spaces and needs, the proper layout and lighting system can go a long way.

Assess Your Landscape Lighting Preferences and Needs

Do you have a quaint cozy garden? Or do you have enough acreage to build your own private football field? Maybe you actually have your own private football field? The first step when considering installing an outdoor lighting system is to take into account the size of the space that you want to illuminate. For security purposes, it is always a good idea to, at minimum, illuminate the perimeter of your house. This will prevent potential burglars from being able to access your house through a window or door while hidden from view.

If you have any bodies of water on your property, such as a swimming pool, a fish pond or a water fountain, consider lighting them for aesthetic purposes. Use underwater lighting to create a moody glow or highlight the swimming pool or fountain by illuminating the area around the water.

Think about lighting any pathways you have in your garden or on your property. This will not only make your outdoor area look more pleasing but it will also help any visitors safely find their way to your door, but it could also light the way for a midnight stroll.

Consider the way in which you would like to power your outdoor lighting system. You have the option of using solar powered lights or connecting the lighting system to the main power source of your property. There are many “green” and eco-friendly solutions to landscape lighting. In addition to solar powered lighting systems there are also low-voltage fixtures, energy efficient bulbs and other unique ways to save energy.

Lighting systems can be set on automatic timers, you can install motion sensors in some of your lights and you can even have a remote switching system installed that allows you to turn the lights on and off with a phone or with internet access.
The First Steps to Landscape Lighting
Once you have taken all of your needs and preferences into account, decide whether you will be taking the do-it-yourself route or hiring a landscape lighting specialist. A specialist will be able to assist you in the planning and design of your system as well as doing the actual installation of the system. After the system is installed, a specialist will be able to help with any maintenance or issues that need to be addressed.

With the various aspects of landscape lighting, it is imperative that you properly plan and install your lighting system. Remember that an outdoor lighting system can be a great way to secure your property, enhance the look of your garden at night and lead you safely to your door.

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