In-House Landscape Architect Services

Here, at M.E Landscaping we realize that some of our clients have the need for a complete landscaping service that starts with the conceptualization of the project and ends with the successful completion as it was imagined. As such we sought out the services of a licensed, certified landscape architect and added his services to ours.

We believe that having a landscape architect as an integral part of our team adds a lot of depth to our landscaping offering and provides our clients with a peace of mind knowing that their landscaping project is taking shape according to a specific, well thought out plan that is designed to meet their budget and their unique requirements.
Starting out at our initial meeting we will learn of the client’s unique circumstances, their “dream landscape”, their lifestyle as well as the confinements of their project such as space, irrigation, neighbours and of course money.
Our in-house landscape architect will take those initial meeting notes and details and go to work applying his knowledge of landscaping details such as hardscape, softscape, local building codes and come up with the proper plan.

Some of the details that our landscape architect will work with are:

  • Site preparation – looking at grade levels and planning accordingly
  • Softscape elements – Trees, shrubs and plants
  • Hardscape elements – Arbor stones, retaining walls and natural stones
  • Driveways, walkways and paving areas – Interlocking, flagstones and more
  • Wooden elements – Decks, fences, gazebos and gates
  • Irrigation and drainage systems

We know that you will love our landscape architect design, plans and the complete landscaping service that M.E Landscaping has to offer. Call us today for a free consultation.