Keep Your Lawn Looking Its Best With the Proper Irrigation Sprinkler System

If you want your house to standout as the best looking property on the block, you need to make sure that your lawn and shrubbery is looking its best. Sprinkler systems will save you the time and the hassle of having to manually water your lawn the old fashioned way. Sprinkler systems actually use less water than the method of spraying your lawn with a hose. The last thing anyone wants is an arid brown patch of lawn where lush green grass used to grow.

There are many modern options in the world of lawn irrigation, so you want to be sure to choose a sprinkler system that will serve your particular needs and preferences. In addition to providing water to your lawn, sprinkler systems can be used to water your flowerbeds and potted plants as well. So remember, if you want your landscaping to maintain a lush and healthy appearance, sprinkler systems are a must.

Types of Sprinkler Systems

With multiple types of sprinkler systems available, you must consider your backyard or garden and decide which option best suits you.
Underground Sprinkler Systems
Sprinkler systems that are installed underground have multiple benefits. First of all, the sprinkler components are hidden in order to maintain your lawn’s natural look. The system can be set up with an automatic timer, meaning that you don’t have to worry about remembering to water your lawn. In order to avoid evaporation, the best time to water your lawn is at night or in the early morning and with an automatic sprinkler system, you can rest in the comfort of your own bed while your lawn gets watered.

Underground sprinkler systems generally utilize pop up lawn sprinklers that will automatically rise when in use and, in order to avoid being broken by clumsy visitors or the lawn mower, retract after the lawn is watered. An underground network of PVC pipes is connected to a water source in order to transport the water around your lawn.

Irrigation Sprinkler Systems

Irrigation sprinkler systems have many of the same benefits of underground sprinkler systems. For example, irrigation systems can be set on an automatic timer just like underground sprinkler systems. Water is usually provided by a drip system that delivers water deep into the ground in order to provide hydration from the root upwards. Drip irrigation systems can be used for lawns and are also great for watering flowerbeds and potted plants. The drip tubing can be routed as needed, which works great for watering hard to reach areas that the pop up sprinkler systems may not be able to reach.

Above Ground Sprinkler Systems

Another lawn watering option is an above ground system. An above ground system is usually supplied by underground plumbing and a main water source in the same way that irrigation and underground systems are. The main difference is the sprinkler head itself. Instead of sprinkler heads that retract into the ground like in an underground sprinkler system, the sprinkler heads are permanently installed in place. This can work well for hydrating large areas of lawn because these sprinkler heads are designed to reach further distances than pop up sprinklers.

Final Thoughts

Whatever your needs may be, the right sprinkler system can keep your lawn looking green and beautiful while saving you money on your water bill. It is important to choose the design that will work best for your lawn and in no time you can turn your arid desert of a yard into a lawn that professional golf courses will envy!