Improve Your Home’s Appearance with a New Driveway

How often have you driven to someone’s house and one of the first things you noticed was a cracked, weed-infested, or otherwise poorly maintained driveway? Probably more than you care to remember. But how many times do you think someone has come to your home, and noticed the same things? If your answer is “More than I care to admit,” then it may be time to consider new driveway paving to solve those problems. Remember, your driveway is the entranceway to where you live, and it deserves the same care and attention as any other feature of your home.

Over time, any driveway – whether it’s concrete, asphalt, or some other surface – will start to show wear and tear. The surface may crack or become pitted, expelling small stones or other debris that become a nuisance. Due to how ground settles and expands with the seasons, you may even find your driveway has risen in places or sections have shifted all together.

Some driveway surfaces can even be damaged by severe weather, such as hail, snow, or ice, and of course shoveling or plowing snow or applying rock salt in the winter can lead to a shortened lifespan for your driveway. Ultimately, fresh driveway paving will give visitors a better impression of your home, and also could be safer in the long run.

Select the Best Surface for your New Driveway

Besides aesthetics, a new driveway can offer other benefits, such as improved functionality and a safer surface. But for any of that to happen, you have to decide what kind of driveway paving surface best fits your needs. Here are some tips to consider that the professionals at custom landscaping Toronto and M.E. Landscaping can offer to get you started.

Tip 1. Understand the different types of driveway surfaces, which mostly include concrete, pavers, solid surface, gravel, and crushed stone.
Go with concrete or a solid surface if your driveway is short and the soil beneath it is compact. Many homeowners go with this option because concrete is readily available in most communities, and because of the high availability of contractors to choose from. If you select concrete and want to add a bit of style, consider a stamped concrete surface which can offer different imprinted patterns or designs or – in some cases – built-in features like low-watt lighting or even heating elements to keep away snow or ice.
If you live in a rural setting and have a long driveway, paving it may be too expensive, which means your surface of choice is most likely gravel or crushed stone. There is nothing wrong with either option, but be aware they may need annual maintenance due to weather and use – which likely means adding another layer of whatever surface you choose to begin with.

Tip 2. Begin searching for a reputable contractor with experience in driveway paving. Custom landscaping Toronto and M.E. Landscaping strongly encourage you to check with your local better business bureau, chamber of commerce, realtor or builder for two to three recommendations. Be sure to ask for references, as well as to see pictures of completed driveways.

Tip 3. Make sure that whatever contractor you select is licensed and insured.

Tip 4. Any contract that you sign should include a list of materials, cost, and an estimated completion time.
Installing a new driveway can be challenging and expensive, but if done correctly can not only increase the value of your home by making the entranceway more appealing, but also be safer for guests to your home.

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