Interlocking Design

We know that when designing the outdoor spaces of your home, the look and the style is every bit as important as the interior décor of your home. The exterior of your house is actually the very first thing that guests and visitors see when they arrive at your home. With the help of interlocking design you can beautify numerous aspects of your yard or garden. Interlocking design is used for many materials and can be utilized for the construction of everything from your patio to your driveway. Interlocking design allows for easy installation and looks great in a number of uses in your outdoor spaces.

Using Interlocking Design in Your Yard

With precut stones or fabricated blocks, interlocking design can give your walkways, driveway or patio a great and unique look.

Interlocking Design: Walkways

When planning for the construction of your walkway, consider the type of building material that you would like to use for the project. Precut paving stones look great and are quite functional for building a walkway. As another option, there are also prefabricated blocks that are deigned to fit together in an interlocking pattern. With interlocking design, your walkway will be a great looking and easily installed addition to your yard.

Interlocking Design: Driveways

As an interesting and eye catching alternative to the traditional concrete slab driveways, you can bring color and patterns to your own driveway with interlocking design stones. While interlocking paving stones can look wonderful as a driveway construction material, it is important to use stones that are thick enough to carry the heavy load of multiple cars. Otherwise, there are many styles of prefabricated interlocking blocks that can also be used to create a beautiful driveway.

Interlocking Design: Patios

Patios can provide the perfect place for outdoor dining, grilling or socializing, so it’s important that they are built with strength and dependability that can withstand continued use. For this very reason, interlocking design is the perfect method for patio construction.

Interlocking Design: Walls

Whether it’s a retaining wall or a border wall, the large surface space of walls often make them hard to miss. This is why it is important that you put the same care and design into the look of your walls as you do with the rest of your outdoor spaces. Interlocking walls look wonderful due to the unique patterns that are created when you fit cut stone or blocks together. The walls are fully functional and sturdy as well.

More About Interlocking Design

Structures that are built with interlocking design are great, not only due to how good it will look, but also because they are low maintenance and last for a long time. With the proper installation and foundation, a patio, driveway or any other type of paving job done with interlocking design can last for anywhere between 15 and 20 years without need for refurbishment.

Although some may worry about weed growth between the cracks of the interlock in your yard, it can be remedied. By using limestone instead of sand to fill the gaps of your interlock, you can ensure that weeds won’t grow in between the cracks. You can also further protect your interlocking design by using sealant, which can be applied after the completion of the project.

Remember, if you want a unique and great looking way to complete the landscaping around your home, interlocking design is the way to go. You can have a great looking patio and matching walkways, retaining walls and a driveway in no time at all.

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