Custom Landscaping and Deck Design by Toronto Decks and Fence Company

Custom-Landscaping-Toronto-PVC-deck-interlock05We recently responded to a call from a client in Toronto who wanted extensive landscaping performed in his back yard, as well as the design and installation of a new custom deck. He called us after learning of our sterling reputation as one of the premier landscaping companies in Toronto, and he wanted only the very best company to work in his lawn. He was reinventing his entire lawn and wanted our creative input as to where to go next, and we set up an appointment to sit down with him and discuss his design ideas and style preferences. After checking out his home and listening to what he had to say, we came up with a landscaping plan that added new hedges, several new trees, and a variety of other additions to his lawn. Our client also wanted a custom deck design created and constructed, and we recommended Toronto Decks and Fence company!

Learning about Toronto Deck Design so You Don’t Have To

In order for us to stand behind another company and offer our recommendation, that company has to stand out above the pack. They have to demonstrate their commitment to only producing the highest quality results and focusing exclusively on the satisfaction of their customers. They must take the same level of pride in their work that we do, and they should only hire workers and specialists with years of experience. When we at Custom Landscaping recommend a company, we are putting our own reputation on the line, and we don’t do that for just anybody! That’s why we are always proud to connect our landscaping customers with Toronto Deck and Fence for all their deck design and construction needs!

We scheduled an appointment between our client and the workers at Toronto Deck and Fence to sit down and discuss the best options for the client’s home. After a lengthy conversation and inspection of the client’s home, they got to work creating a custom design and returned a short time later with a plan that incorporated all of the client’s ideas and blended in perfectly with the landscaping work we had performed. The client was overjoyed with the result, and asked them to get started bringing the design to life right away!

When you call us at Custom Landscaping for all your landscaping needs, you are getting so much more than a simple lawn service. You are gaining a partner who is just as committed to making your lawn as beautiful as it can be as you are!

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Coming Up With the Perfect Deck Design for Your Custom Deck

For those of you out there who have having your custom deck designed and installed, the one question in your head may be, “Where do I start?” Since most of us are not professional deck contractors, we would be at a loss as to where to begin with our deck design. Do we look at materials first? Do we look at layout first? Or, do we perhaps look at both at the same time? Well, fret not, because we are here to help and guide you through the entire process.

Step 1: Make Sure That You Are Actually Allowed to Build Your Custom Deck

Some buildings and local building codes do not permit any additions to properties. To avoid disappointment, read up in advance on any legal proceedings you need to complete to obtain a permit to begin the construction of an addition to your property before you start planning out your custom deck. Also, do take note that your deck design must comply with your local building codes.

Step 2: The Style of Your Custom Deck

As any deck contractor knows, the very first step in deck design involves, choosing what style you would like your custom deck to be. This depends not only on your preference, but also on the style of your home. You wouldn’t want to have a rustic style deck with a modern style house, or vice versa.

The following are some popular styles you may want to consider for your custom deck:

  • Colonial – A colonial style custom deck borrows elements of classical architecture. A typical look would be having white molded railings, with the rail posts topped with decorative post caps. Colonial style custom decks are also often lined with accent features such as benches, planter boxes and sometimes even pergolas.
  • Contemporary – Contemporary style custom decks usually have one rule – less is more. As with most contemporary style designs, contemporary style custom decks are usually sleek and minimalistic. Deck contractors go for a sparse, modern design with clean lines and basic shapes. This makes the custom deck not only aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to clean.
  • Traditional – Traditional style custom decks usually resemble the traditional image of cottages out in the country. Traditional style custom decks normally employ the use of shapes such as octagons with chamfered corners to give the custom deck a ‘warmer’ feel, with softened sharp corners. To give a more ‘traditional’ feel, routered rail caps and trim moldings are often used, coupled with decorative post caps for rail posts.
  • Coastal – Especially for those who live by the sea, a coastal style custom deck can work wonders for opening up your view. With glass and cable rails, coupled with white railings to give a pristine, ‘coastal style’, the coastal style custom deck is perfect for blending into the landscape.

Step 3: Materials for Your Custom Deck

After deciding on the style of your custom deck, the next thing you want to do is to decide on the specific design of your custom deck. Decide how exactly you want your custom deck to look. This includes not only the shape and the size of the custom deck, but also the materials that you are going to use in your custom deck.
Choosing materials can be a confusing time for those of us who are not deck contractors or deck builders. There are just too many available materials for us to choose from! Of course, your choice of style has already limited the range of materials you are going to choose from. For instance, if you want a traditional style custom deck, you should use redwood or cedar, which both have a beautiful warm look that gives your deck a warm and rustic feel.
But even if you have already decided on a particular type of wood, let’s say, cedar decking, you still need to decide which grade of cedar decking you are going to purchase.
This is where your budget comes in: do you want to choose a higher grade of cedar decking, which will definitely cost you a significantly larger amount of money or do you want to choose a lower grade of cedar decking, which will not burn as big a hole in your pocket? Of course, a higher grade of cedar decking looks better and is more durable, but you need to weigh the pros and cons. Is it really worth it?
If price is an issue, but you are worried about investing in a lower grade of decking only to have it spoil after a few years, hunt around for deck builders or deck contractors who provide you with warranties. Do take note of any specific factors or issues that may void the warranty as well.
Also, ensure that you apply a coat of finish to your custom deck after the deck builders have completed it. Do engage a professional deck contractor or deck builder for this, as applying finishing is a delicate process; a slip of the hand could cause your deck to have an uneven and unsightly appearance. Also, different types of finish are better suited for different climates. Do engage the help of a professional deck contractor to discuss what type of finish is ideal for your particular climate.

Step 4: Other Features and Issues You Should Consider

You should also consider adding lighting to your custom deck so that you can enjoy a relaxing evening outside without getting lost in the pitch dark. There is a whole range of lighting options to match different deck styles. For instance, a warm yellow light would be perfect for a traditional style custom deck. Also, a drainage system can be added to drain excess water, especially after a storm. This will help to maintain the condition of your deck floor.
The following are some other factors you might want to take note of when coming up with your deck design:

  • Potential Locations For Your Custom Deck – do consider issues of property and privacy when deciding on a location for your custom deck, especially if you are intending to install a hot tub on your custom deck!
  • Another important factor to take note of is that if built in certain locations, your custom deck will show signs rapid of wear and tear due to a high amount of exposure to damaging elements of nature, such as direct sunlight (specifically, ultra violet rays), rain, strong winds, and insects that attack wood. To prevent damage, consider using more durable materials (for instance, if you live by the sea, you can consider using low maintenance materials such as composites and PVC materials, which can easily withstand the strong winds).

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Why should you choose M.E Landscaping for your Toronto landscaping project

There are many things that contribute to a home’s value, including those that you can and cannot control. You cannot control the walk-ability to nearby businesses, your neighbors, or how other people in the community maintain their properties or their style of Toronto landscaping. However, you can control the location in which you purchase, the interior features and upkeep of your own home, and any upgrades you choose to make to increase your home’s value. Another factor that has an effect on home values is the exterior presentation – or curb appeal, if you will.
Curb appeal refers to the exterior appearance of your home – how appealing it is to a passerby. If you’re looking to improve or retain your home’s value, consider making an investment in your home and property by enlisting the help of M.E Landscaping.

Landscaping is not a one size fits all term – each structure has its own look and feel, so you’ll want to include materials that complement the existing infrastructure. There are various components and options for landscaping and landscaping structures – while M.E Landscaping typically does include a selection of greenery and florals, custom landscaping is much more than popping some plants in the ground and calling it a day. Decks, arbors, trellises, driveway paving, and outdoor cooking stations are just some of the options you might consider as you investigate the various options that we offer. There are many items to consider and many choices to make to beautify your home’s exterior and increase your property value.

Deck Design

As you consider Toronto landscaping components to implement in your space, consider adding a deck to your backyard. Decks are a great way to extend your living area for socializing, grill outs, and relaxation.
Decks are traditionally built from treated wood that can stand up against the elements and harsh rays of the sun, but there are more options available today than ever before, such as IPE wood, recycled plastic and composite material. You’ll need to decide which material you prefer based on appearance, your preference for sustainable materials, upkeep and cost.
You must also choose the location and size for your deck structure. Most commonly, decks are built off of an area of the house with a door to easily access the deck or the house. One popular option is to build a deck directly off of the kitchen to easily move food and beverages back and forth between indoors and out. As for size, you likely want a larger structure, but need to keep in mind your overall property size as well. You don’t want a gulf that takes up your entire yard; make sure to leave space for grass or other elements, such as stone walking paths, pools, or planting beds.

Landscaping Design

When it comes to Toronto landscaping, we offer plenty of design options to choose from. M.E Landscaping typically includes plants, shrubs and greenery, but extends far beyond this to things such as fire pits, exterior lighting, water features, patios, sprinkler systems and more.
Outdoor fire pits are a great feature to add to your backyard or as part of a larger patio feature. This feature is an easy way to make great relaxing evenings at home all year round. Portable fire pits make an affordable, movable option for small spaces while built-in fire pits are an attractive selling feature for any home.
If working with a particularly large space, you might consider building an outdoor living room of sorts. There is a variety of patio furniture available on the market today including many pieces that are built for comfort and beauty – it isn’t simply metal frames any more. Accessorize furniture with smartly planned outdoor fabrics and throw pillows and then consider placing them around an outdoor focal point, such as a built-in fireplace. Typically made from stone, outdoor fireplaces are a great way to add beauty and a luxurious touch to your home.

Lighting truly finishes a space. As you consider your Toronto landscaping design, consider what type of environment you want your final space to become. If you will use it primarily during the daytime, then you likely need very little in the way of lighting design. However, outdoor living in the evenings is great for long conversations, parties, and relaxation. There are a variety of options, from paper lanterns to low garden-path accents to built-in spotlights. Lighting can transform any space and instantly set the mood – do not forget this important piece.
You might also consider water features, such as a built-in waterfall cascading over expertly arranged stones or flowing into a built-in pool, Water features provide ambient, calming noises and go a long way towards turning your back yard into a private oasis.
Of course, no Toronto landscaping design would be complete without greenery. A quality landscape designer will be able to recommend trees, shrubs, florals and more to bring in color, shape, and texture to your outdoor space.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are the ultimate in outdoor landscaping, providing function, beauty and a feeling of luxury. Outdoor kitchens continue to grow to new heights and can contain any appliance you can think of, from grills and cook-tops to sinks, full refrigerators and even ice makers.

Interlock Driveway Paving

Stonework is a beautiful way to greet someone coming onto your property. Interlocking designs add style and are often the first thing your guests will notice when arriving to your home. There are many design options to choose from and can either be custom laid in individual pieces or by precut stones or fabricated blocks. Adding limestone between the interlocking pieces will prevent weeds or grass from growing through, keeping your beautiful design effortlessly flawless. Beyond the benefit of beauty, interlocking designs require minimal maintenance and will last for at least 15-20 years.
As you investigate your options for Toronto landscaping, consider the full array of options and materials available to you. The team of highly experienced and professional contractors M.E Landscaping possesses the necessary skills to add beauty to your home and property for years to come.

Choose M.E Landscaping for all your Toronto landscaping needs and you won’t regret it!

Use Armor stone landscaping to protect your home

Custom-Landscaping-Toronto-flagstone-landscaping03If your home or business features waterfront access, then you know how important it is to protect your property from the potentially extreme, damaging power that water creates. From waves that pummel the shoreline to sitting water that may be a breeding ground for bacteria or haven for mosquitoes, the ideal solution is a retaining wall made from armor stone landscaping.

Armor stone is a type of limestone blasted out of the earth in quarries and is used on shorelines and banks to prevent erosion and other damage caused by the natural back-and-forth action of large waves. These stones are key features seen on jetties – structures used to direct the flow of water — in large rivers, coastal shorelines and parallel to the downwind shores of major lakes leading to lighthouses and other structures close to water.

Because armor stone landscaping is derived from quarries, the stones themselves can be cut to different sizes, normally between one and three feet tall and weighing two tons or more. Each stone comes in different colours, ranging from grey to brown to yellow to shades of blue.

In most cases, building a retaining wall requires an experienced company with the proper equipment, particularly when large armor stones are being used. Remember, armor stones can weigh several tons each and must be moved with caution. If you’ve decided to build a retaining wall using armor stone landscaping or other types of rocks, here are some tips to follow to make the project a success.

  • Decide how much stone you’ll need, which is derived by calculating the cubic area of the wall itself. To do this, multiply the length of the wall by the desired height, which allows you to determine the square footage. Next, take the square footage and multiply it by how thick you want the wall to be, resulting in the cubic footage.
  • A retaining wall can never be created by laying the stones on the grass or other flat surface. You must first dig a trench, which must hold at least six to 10 inches of firmly compacted gravel – or enough so that half the height of the first layer of stone is below ground level.
  • Always use the biggest stones for the base of the retaining wall. It’s a good idea to sort the stones by size, grading into large, medium and small, with the smallest stones ending up as the top layer of the wall. These keep the wall balanced.
  • When building a retaining wall, make sure the stones lean very slightly toward the slope.
  • The final step is to cap the top of the stone wall with mortar, then put down another layer of thinner, flat stones on top. This should occur for the entire length of the wall, and the top stones should be tapped in place with a rubber mallet.

For more information on building a retaining wall with armor stone landscaping, call the experts at ME Contracting today.